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A comprehensive makeup guide created for the modern day bride. 


This guide is created with brides in mind, to hold your hand through the entire process of everything bridal makeup related. Finding your style, artist and understanding whats involved during the bridal makeup booking is imperitive to a seamless bridal makeup experience.


Filled with tips and tricks this guide also includes a customisable makeup schedule for your big day, makeup facechart for all your product notes, as well as a beauty treatment timeline and bridal trial tick list. 


If your looking for a guide to help you navigate through a saturated industry, this is the handbook for you.

Your Guide to Bridal Makeup

  • - How to find your makeup style

    - Choosing the right makeup artist for you

    - What is a bridal trial and how to prepare accordingly

    - Understanding the basics of skincare

    - Getting your skin wedding ready

    - Beauty treatments to consider

    - A beauty treatment timeline

    - A bridal trial consultation tick list

    - A makeup schedule 

    - Tip and tricks for a smooth wedding morning

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