Why I love mixed media art

During the last 6 months of having my studio and having the space to be able to create, experiment and try different medias I have quickly found that I naturally lean towards using a mixed media approach when working on paper. Reflecting on this here are some reasons why I enjoy this technique:

  • Interest: Using a range of media such as pastel, acrylic, fine liner makes it really interesting when using on paper, this is because you can layer the media in many ways to get different effects, the process can feel spontaneous yet accurate. I like the idea of creating beautiful imperfections that would be really difficult to recreate. Allowing the media to work together, letting the ink bleed, the acrylic to drip and the pastel to smudge gives my pieces a real sense of uniqueness.

  • Instant/Slow Process: I really enjoy the idea of being able to use a mix of media instantly as well as slowly, I get to decide whether I want to incorporate the media in one big layer or if I want to layer each specific media and let them dry separately, Sometimes it feels like a big experiment as you don't always know what outcome your going to get!

  • Character and atmosphere: I personally feel like using mixed media can really help me when I am trying to capture the character in an animal, for example when I'm using fine liner on top of soft washes of colour it enhances the sense of movement. The harsher lines of the liner carve out smaller details but can still be portrayed as abstract because of the many layers shown underneath. As well as this the watery layers created as well as the drips and splashes of other media can really give off atmosphere, for example I use watery washes as the base layer which can give my work a moody or playful atmosphere depending on the colour palette.

I really am enjoying this way of working and am going to continue to experiment with how far a can take this style. From rich layered work to delicate and gentle lines, I am excited to see where it takes me!

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