Inspiration is my talking point for today. What sets your soul on fire? I thought I would start today by revisiting a beautiful adventure that took place between Lockdown 1 & 2.. I went on a road trip to Gloucestershire to visit my best friend!

I will just add now that my best friend is the talented Evie Lewis who is an insane photographer so some of these beautiful images you see are a credit to her! Thanks Evie!

Now I'm the type of person that is literally inspired by EVERYTHING. which I'm starting to feel is a bit of a downfall?! I say this because I keep fluttering from one idea to the next. My love of animals is HUGE and I am constantly inspired to capture them on to canvas, I love abstract art, but have delved in to figure work, and cityscapes, I am also evoked by nature, everything about nature, from the weather, seasonal changes, flowers, landscapes, seascapes, light, atmosphere, textures, shapes... the list goes on.

Since gaining my studio space six months ago I have explored different media and styles and after much personal reflection and critic I have realised how important it is to me to create art that I love, but also create art with a lot of meaning.

This means homing in on my inspirations, asking myself what truly inspires me everyday, what I want to portray in my paintings and what techniques and methods can I highlight throughout my art career. Although its lovely to be able to paint a nude one day, then a giraffe the next I feel if I want to progress as a professional artist I need to be recognised for a strong body of work.

Now I completely get that most consumers don't really get it when I talk about the meaning behind the piece, especially abstract work, people buy what looks good, end of.

But this week after reflection I have realised the main thing that's important for me in my art career is creating pieces that evoke emotion or carry meaning. So this means I'm going to be digging deeper in my developing work and really work on my techniques and skill to try and create not only a beautiful piece of art but something that has heart and soul.

For me there is something special about painting from real life experiences, like places I have been and experienced for myself. That's the only way I truly believe I can capture a sense of authenticity in my work. Seeing views with my own eyes, taking in the atmosphere, colour, feel of the place is what will spark inspiration in my art. No one can replicate how you feel and the emotions you paint.

Personally what sets my soul on fire is abstract art. The ability to create an abstract piece of art that not only looks beautiful and you could imagine on the walls of your dream home, but something that "speaks" to you. when the painting holds atmosphere and evokes an emotion in you every time you look at it. when you look closer and closer and you pick up more and more detail that you didn't notice before. That's what I love.

these thoughts have made me think about how art and inspiration can take you on to so many different paths, some people create art just to sell, some artists solely create art for them. there are so many reasons why we create. All are valid.

For now I feel like I am completely split between the two, I'm in a weird space of self development and creating commercial art (not a bad place to be) I'm selling my art (styles I enjoy and continue to explore) but also I feel like I'm actively starting to push my skills as an artist and begin to have more intent, research, practise, in to my own body of work.

I feel moving forward I will begin to think about creating a series of works and then reflect on the process and outcome.

Anyway I feel like all of the above is a load of waffle that only I can make sense of! I would be really interested to see how other artists feel about the subject of inspiration, authentic style, intent of their work etc?

As I revisit my inspirations I am always led back to nature. Gloucestershire being a beautiful area in the UK, I soaked up all the views, Including the beautiful Tarr Steps in Exmoor national Park. I spent my time drawing, trying to capture a slice of time in to my sketch book, to take home and work on further.

Evies home used to be on a beautiful row of cottages, which held the most spectacular tranquil views that also was home to serene wildlife such as buzzards, deer, and cute ponies!

The trip was a slice of heaven, a recharge of the batteries and I came home fully inspired.

During the rest of the pandemic I have been collecting initial photographs of things that inspire me, such as landscapes, textures, shapes etc. So I will end saying that Although I will be continuing with my "commercial" art (animals, and whatever else I feel compelled by), I am working behind the scenes to create some abstract pieces that resonate with my inspirations - hopefully creating a personal, strong body of work!

If you got this far, thank you.

If you would like to share your opinions on what I have waffled on about or any related subjects please feel free!

Lots of Love Alice x

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