What do I consider when creating a bridal make up look?

Today I thought I would share exactly what I think about when creating a bride to bes makeup look.

Now, Bridal makeup is extremely important, not only is it going to make you look beautiful but its also going to make you FEEL confident. Makeup is about enhancing your natural beauty, and with that comes many factors, especially for the biggest day of your life.

Firstly its important to understand what you are currently used to in terms of wearing makeup. Do you wear a full face including lashes and lipstick everyday? Or do you quickly apply some blush and mascara? Perhaps you are used to an exact thickness of liner everyday or you like to sport a completely matte look. Whatever it may be, these personal factors can play a big part in making sure that your makeup look for your big day makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.

Secondly consider what makeup you do NOT like. When chatting to an MUA regarding your makeup look, not only does it help when you say what you usually like, making a note of styles you dislike is just as helpful!

Moreover, I am used to my bride to bes being really unsure, (Which is completely normal!) and this is where Pinterest, and bridal magazines can be really helpful before a bridal trial appointment. These sources will enable you to gather some inspo, whether it be a complete look you like or just a small part of a look you want to pinpoint.

Its also a really good idea to think about how you want to feel, do you want to feel as if your not wearing makeup, or do you want to feel completely glammed up?

Sometimes knowing the vibe of you big day also helps with picking a style of makeup. For example if your wedding is quite Boho, set in the countryside, you may like the idea of having quite natural makeup, on the other hand if your wedding is taking place in a huge grand hall you may want a more elegant style.

I also like to think about hairstyles, as certain hairstyles may mean you want more makeup on your eyes, cheeks or lips! For example if you have your hair all up off your face it can look stunning to have a bolder lipstick, moreover if you have your hair all down and curly you may want to accentuate your eye makeup. Making sure you have a rough idea of what hairstyles you like will help in some way when planning your makeup.

Your style dress can also play a big part in your make up style. For example its important to factor in necklines, If you have a deep plunging neckline you will want to make sure that we apply makeup to your chest area to keep a flawless finish on exposed skin, in some cases adding a little bit of body shimmer to catch the light in a pretty way. The detailing on your dress, from beading, to pearls, to lace may play a part with what colour shadow you may have your eye makeup, for example silver, gold, pearl, glitter or matte shades. What colour your dress is can also play a factor in what colours we go for on your face. For example if your having a pure white dress we will make sure that the makeup is kept cool toned to avoid any contrasting warm tones in the photos.

I also feel that smaller details such as what colour schemes will appear during the day such as floral designs, the men's suits, table décor and the overall venue can play apart in how you have your makeup.

Matching or making sure we use colours to harmonise with palettes that will feature around you during the day is important and really adds a classy touch.

Photography is another large factor to think about when having your makeup done for your big day. Depending on the style of photographer you chose can also have an impact on how you may want to wear your makeup. For example if your photographer captures many moments in black and white we may need to consider more coverage so the makeup can show off its full potential on the photos, moreover if your photographer likes to capture light airy soft photos you may decided you want soft natural glowy makeup.

To go with the above I will also take in to consideration your skin type, for example if you have extremely dry skin I will make sure the skin prep routine is designed to hydrate and refresh your skin as well as make sure the makeup does not become flaky during the day.

On the other hand if your skin is oily I will apply products to counteract the oiliness so you can rock your makeup look without any unwanted shine. I will also take into consideration your facial features, Its important to design a look that will enhance your natural beauty, for example if you have smaller eyes I would work on creating a more blended smoky eye to give your eyes a more defined look, therefore making them look more open.

All these factors will make sure that you will treasure your wedding photos forever.

I am thoroughly enjoying being back at work with my brides since the pandemic and am so pleased I can continue to do what I love, which is creating beautiful makeup looks for beautiful brides.

Love Alice x

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