Lets talk Instagram

Hey everyone! so I recently asked you guys what you'd like to see on my blog post. The most common theme that kept coming up was "how do I get more of a following on Instagram"

Lets be real It feels a bit ironic for me to be writing about this seeing as I only have 900 followers and I'm the first to say I sometimes struggle with the what feels like an uphill battle to gain more genuine followers. but lets crack on..

Firstly, I don't have the formula to get you 10k followers straight away, and I'm going to be truthful when I say I find it hard to gain followers all the time, however I'm going to share a couple of tips that I use which has seen my followers increase from 200-900 in 6 months. I will list them below

  • post consistently. - whether that be once a week, or once a day, try to keep to a routine of what time you post and what days. I'm still experimenting with this, however I found a bigger increase when I a posted every other day at the same time. I recommend posting from 6pm to make sure you get max engagement.

  • post good content. - The more time you spend perfecting a "shot" to post for the gram, the more visually pleasing it is for your followers, therefore increasing likes and comments, which means more engagement!

  • good captions.-always try to write meaningful personal, knowledgeable captions, these draw your followers in but also show them that you are relatable to them. your captions should give value, whether that be facts, a mini story, a personal note about your day.

  • Know your audience.- Target your content to your chosen demographic, give them what they want to see, the more relatable you are to them, the better.

  • Interactions.- I try to keep active in the day using my stories, try to engage your audience by using interactions such as the "poll"/questions/slider bar, they can use to communicate with you.

  • show your face and your work.- Now this one depends on your branding, however for me personally my post styles vary from pictures of me, to pictures of finished work, to pictures of my studio space. Have a think about what your brand means and what message you are trying to convey to your audience. for example if you want to make your brand more personable you could show your face from time to time.

  • Interact with others.- This is a big one. Instagram is about building a community. find likeminded people, follow others, comment on posts and direct message people. the more you engage the more likely it is to get engagement back. TIP: make sure what you communicate to others is genuine- there is nothing more annoying than random DMs asking for a follow! go get that organic following :)

  • sponsored posts. - I am still very much exploring the sponsored post idea. If you have a business account you can pay Instagram as little as £1 a day to advertise your posts and give your profile a bigger reach. I am still undecided as to whether its a waste of money at the moment, all I can say is if you are going to, only pay out in small doses over peak times such as the weekend.

All the tips above have helped me to increase my following. it seems the more work you put in the more you will get in return. However I do have some more to say regarding an "art" account.

Some things I have been struggling with since pursuing my art career on social media is that it can be tough to produce "worthy" work for the gram ALL the time. its not realistic to create masterpieces day in and day out and this can lead to sapping all inspiration from you. Remember to take your time and create the art you love in your time.

I would advise to build up a bit of a back log of your best content which you can do with a very useful FREE app called "preview" this app allows you to create your content and see how it will look on the grid before posting! (game changer for me) people will be more inclined to hit the follow button if they see a beautiful grid layout!

Before I go, Instagram can be a very vital tool for business and advertisement, it can be the source of a lovely little community, however be careful that you don't diminish your value as an artist, or your artistic authenticity. remember to always be true to what you do and who you are as an artist and the right people will find you. be patient.

I could go on and on about the pros and cons of Instagram but will leave it there for today!

please comment if there are any subjects you would like me to cover in my future posts!

hope this has helped you!

Love Alice x

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