A rewarding end to 2020!

So, after committing to Alice Wotton Art in (November 2020) My next hurdle was to move out of painting (ruining) in my parents dining room! I had no idea where to begin but I decided to start small and post on social media asking for a studio style space that was water tight, and had good lighting! - To my amazement I had a response back from some lovely people in the next village who had an outbuilding that could be of use!

I couldn't believe my luck! I went to visit the space and it was all I ever could have wanted for a potential studio space and by Christmas I had the keys, ordered shelving and moved my stuff from the dining room to the studio! I am so incredibly lucky for this space as its now allowing me to create full time!

I am still in the process of decorating the studio, I have split the room in to two sections, one section for painting (the messy section) and the other section for framing, office work, and a seating area for you lovely lot to come and visit once the pandemic is over!

Some stores I used to furnish my studio included, G- Rack, for shelving. Homebase for the seating area, Ikea for the trestles, office chair and hanging paint pots. Plastic box shop for storage boxes! I am still yet to decorate the studio further and make it more stylish and homely, cant wait for you all to see!

This may sound cheesy but after dealing with the hardship of the pandemic, losing 100% of my work as a makeup artist, I felt this studio was my reward for working hard over the last 10 months and not giving up. I'm still so grateful everyday for this space, this studio is allowing so many more opportunities and I cant wait to see where it takes me! I have so many Ideas!

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