All about my "Confetti" Photoshoot

I have wanted to do a glitter shoot for a while and when one of my talented friends Evie Lewis from "Evie Lewis Photography" said "lets do it" I was so excited!

The shoot concept was inspired by little mixes latest album "Confetti" A glittery shoot with light trials and flares. I was channelling Perries glittery Look.

I used glitters from "Shrine" to achieve my makeup look. I started by creating a full coverage makeover, focusing on iridescent blended shades on the eyes. Due to the editing side of this shoot being quiet heavy I have kept my contour on the more natural side as I didn't want the base makeup to detract from the glitter eyes.

I used an eyeshadow palette from "Jouer" which contained all shimmery shades. I made sure the shades were not applied to heavily as this could prevent the glitter from making the impact.

The idea was to apply the glitter in a slight cat eye shape but the skill comes when making it look effortlessly placed. (As if the glitter has been thrown on and its fallen there with out any meticulous skill) I found applying the glitter bit by bit the best way, once it goes on its difficult to adapt. the more concentrated areas of glitter being in the cat eye wing shape and then diffusing the glitter as you blend out, this softens the look and makes it look more natural.

I used some false lashes from Eyelure - I chose a style that created volume and fullness as opposed to long delicate cat eye lashes. As Perrie has big eyes using fuller lashes helps to portray this look.

I used a hot pink lip that match one of the pink iridescent glitters. this seemed the most harmonious shade without washing myself out. Its important with photoshoot makeup that you apply enough for it to be picked up on camera. Photographic lighting can wash out tones.

Although I am not the expert in photography I will briefly try to explain what we did for the actual shoot. To shoot this look we used a black backdrop to shoot against and we had a soft box to soften the lighting. It then gets a little more technical as we slowed down the shutter speed to pick up the movement of the glitter reflecting which gave us varied results!

We played around with different poses and even used glow sticks to achieve the desired effect. Once we had got the shots we then experimented with different overlays on photoshop- this is where id like to thank Evie as her photoshop skills are ace! After adding "light trail" overlays and varied the transparency of the layers we were able to achieve a very similar look to the confetti album!

I am super happy with the results and it was so fun to get the glitters out and get creative!

Thank you so much Evie for bringing this shoot alive!

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