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Bespoke Makeup lessons

What to expect when booking a special occasion makeover

Prior to booking your special occasion makeover, we will discuss all the important details such as the special occasion, timings and venue.

Before the appointment I like to prepare for the makeover by discussing your outfit colours, and styling, as well as hairstyle. These factors all play an important role which determines how you can wear your makeup! Moreover if you know exactly what style of makeover you would like feel free to let me know!


On the day of your appointment I will turn up to your chosen location with plenty of time and set up my kit in an organised fashion. We can discuss in length about makeup inspirations and look at some photos of makeover styles before confirming your makeover look. Once you are completely happy your makeover will begin!

Once I have applied your makeup we can take a look in the mirror and discuss if you would like to tweak the style. You are welcome to make as many changes to your look as possible! its all about feeling and looking a million dollars! 

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